About me

This is Jurmey Rabgay, currently working with the Office of the Attorney General. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Language & Culture from the Institute of Language and Culture Studies in 2005.
Meet him at: jrabgay@gmail.com | jrabgay@oag.gov.bt


6 responses

  1. choe to ma za wa ha lam chi yarso nu mey

  2. I usually take three plates of rice once a meal, however, my health is not improving….ha ha ha

  3. hey nice weblog … keep on posting your compositions and poems …

  4. Nga yang the zum che zoni lu trowa yoe sa, chhow gi nga lu chharo bay mi tshu ga mo la, chharo zey nang pa chin nami sami kadin che ni may la.

  5. you may be interested to to write on dzongkha grammer. also on dzonkha nursury poems and rhymes. tashi delek.

  6. Thank you sir….
    We get very useful information from your site la…. Keep updating la.
    Thank you

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